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Vision and Sound are the 2 most powerful senses we humans have. And these senses help us consume information. However, as we grow old one of these become stronger and the primary medium of information consumption. I remember creating blueprint of static model of an airplane before building one. And then during college and professional career putting down the lectures and meeting notes as visual icons, typographical layouts. That's how I remember and think about it. So this is a small archive of the SketchNotes of different live and recorded sessions I had privilege to attend.

Ways to Draw series

Ways to Draw

Emapthy as Design Super Power
User Defenders podcast Sketchnote

Virtual Reality OTT

Virtual Reality for OTT
Self Research

Design AR Application

Designing AR Applications
Sketchnote-Google IO 2019

VR UX Canvas

A UX Canvas for VR Projects
Self Research

Augmented Reality Food

an AR Food Visualization
Concept and Prototype


Designing for India
Google, Bengaluru

Don Norman

Design session with Don Norman
Design4India, Video conference


Next Gen Retail Stores
NASSCOM, Bengaluru

How to get rich

How to Get Rich
Naval Ravikant Tweet thread

industry 4.0

Mixed Reality in Industry 4.0
Self Thought

how to become Product manager

How to become Product Manager
Hellomeets, Bangalore

AR VR applications

Enterprise ARVR applications
Self Thought

Good Design Principles

10 Principles of Good Design
by Dieter Rams

Oculus Connect 5 Keynote

Oculus Connect 5
Day 1

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